Gazpromneft Lubricants Italy company was the sponsor of “Overland-13” expedition “Milan-Rome-Moscow-Shanghai”. This expedition is another challenge for travelers command headed by Beppe Tenti.

An expedition left Milan on July 20, 2010. It was to cross Eurasia countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan) in order to reach China. Gaspromneft Lubricants Italy company granted the expedition new lubricants of G-Family line (G-Energy, G-Profi, G-Truck, G-Box) supplied to the market since April 2010.


During expedition the caravan “Overland-13” made stops in 16 cities from Serbia to Kazakhstan, cycle of the conferences and meetings with representatives of media, local authorities and those who wanted to get acquainted with the new line of G-Family lubes and Overland command where organized in each of them.

The expedition’s arrival in the Shanghai had to coincide with the World exhibition, the one most expected and prestigious event of the year. Command and cars of Overland were represented in the Italy exhibition hall, they became an illustration of originality and quality of the products “made in Italy” produced by the Gazpromneft – lubricants company at the plant of Bari. Within the exposition bounds “Overland-13” represented the cycle of documentaries, as it was in previous years that will be broadcasted by the state television and radio broadcasting company “Rai 1” in the end of journey.

On the October 28, 2010 the participants of 13th Italian rally Overland World Truck reached Shanghai – final route point. During its travel from Milan they covered about 20 thousand kilometers, crossed more than 10 borders, visited 16 Russian cities, drank more than 100 liters of coffee, filled up with the diesel more than 150 times and… never changed the motor oil!


All Overland cars are provided with new motor oils of G-Family manufactured at European production areas Gazpromneft lubricants Italia S.p.A., Bari (Italy). During all the way the oils condition and their operating characteristics were estimated by means of portable laboratory, soon everyone can acquaint himself with the test results on the website of the Gazpromneft lubricants company.

– We will recommend all our friends and colleagues in Italy to use oil of G-Energy and G-Profi family, – assures Philippo, son of famous Beppe Tenti, unchallenged leader of numerous Overland projects.

During three months the articles about adventures Italians in Russia and measures carried out by Gazpromneft – L and Overland were published in mass media. The premium oils G-Energy and G-Profi worked to make the travelers’ route safe and comfort.

– As for me, new oil proved themselves in different operation conditions, – believes Beppe Tenti, – they still are filled in motors and we will continue our route back to the departure point (Milan) with these oils. Everywhere, in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, journalists and guests of measures were delighted not only with our Italian temperament, but with well coordinated cooperation between Gazpromneft – L and Overland as well. Apparently, we managed to work well together, and we perfectly understood each other during all the expedition, – says
Beppe Tenti.

Principal elements of the project:

– July 20. Expedition start in Milan. Motor oil G-Energy was filled into the engines of three campers Ford, oil G-Profi was filled into the engines of Iveco trucks.
– July 28. Press-conference in Belgrade
– August 5. Press-conference in Kiev
– August 8. Press-conference in Kharkov
– August 18. Press-conference in Moscow
– September 17. Sampling of G-Energy and G-Profi oils in Omsk
– October 5. Press-conference in Kazakhstan
– October 28. Arrival in the final point – Shanghai

Command composition – 20 people

Distance overcome – 20 thousand km